Cat in a Bush ?

Seen a cat in a bush? Report it here! White cats in bushes are a terrible problem and can cause untold worry. Fear not! You can use this website to report the cat to the authorities for humane removal

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Are you plagued by random cats in your area?

Cats in a Bush can help. You dont have to deal with this on your own. A problem shared is a cat problem eliminated. We understand your concern. Talk to us soon because we will help.

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Cat in a Bush (CiaB) was formed in 2010 to solve a problem we all face. We cover a large area with our services, working in both commercial and domestic settings. We take a pride in our work and adhere closely to health and safety regulations for everyone’s peace of mind. Our cat removal staff are all fully trained and we have public liability insurance. We are able to offer a 24 hour call out service, one off visits or regular maintenance contracts as required. We will carry out a no obligation survey before starting any removal job or contract. We use the latest and most effective techniques whilst having consideration to the environment in their use.


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